From:  David Durst <>
Date:  23 May 2015 00:06:09 Hong Kong Time

peer-to-peer, cross-team 1:1s?


Hi. (Pardon the cross-listing, I'm not sure who's on which list.)

I know some people in Cloud Services did this late last year, and also Mike
Kelly's webdev initiative around the same time, so I'm nudging it again.

On the Marketplace team, we have a lot of moving parts. No one can
reasonably know everything, and managers are no exception.

Rather than just having 1:1 meetings every week between engineering
managers and engineers, we're stealing a page from MDN and switching to the
manager:engineer 1:1 every other week and (hopefully) 1:1s between
developers every other week, in the hopes that folks get a chance to talk
to developers who have experience in something they're interested in.
Helping us help ourselves, if you will.

But rather than just picking someone at random, I thought we could organize
it a bit first. So we've started this: where people can put down
what they can share, as well as what they'd like to learn more about.

I'm hoping that people can then self-organize to meet with other devs (and
note in that same etherpad when it happens).

Thanks to Rob Hudson, Andy McKay, and Mike Kelly for their guidance getting
this in motion...

David Durst [:ddurst]