From:  Mark Filipak <>
Date:  06 Oct 2009 10:10:12 Hong Kong Time

Re: Detecting font size changes


Hello Jeffry,

DIVs use the font-size of their contents for the DIV's positioning and sizing. To prevent this and force a DIV to stay put and stay the same size, do this:

jeffry killen wrote: > I am developing a game that produces a grid of square tiles. Each tile > as a text character assigned to it. > In the latest version of Fire Fox I am using to test; 3.5.2, the tiles > resize as the text size is changed > by the user (cmd+, cmd-, ^+, ^- etc). But to cover as many versions of > the different browsers I am > looking for ways to detect text size changes by the user so I can resize > the tile grid to match. > > older versions of Fire Fox, current and older versions of Safari, I.E.? > This uses DOM (or document[all]) so I don't care about v <= 4x browsers > (Netscape v <= 4x, etc) > > Does anyone have a reference, or some suggestions? > > Thank you > JK > > _______________________________________________ > dev-web-development mailing list > > >