From:  mlemos <>
Date:  10 Sep 2009 15:34:44 Hong Kong Time

Disappearing caret from Rich Text Editor



I have been developing a rich text editor that allows both HTML editing
using an iframe with contentEditable/designMode set and a textarea input
for direct HTML editing.

It shows a toolbar button to switch between each of the modes. The
textarea and the iframe are switched by setting the style.display
property to none or block of  that enclose them to hide one and
show the other.

The problem is that when I switch between Visual editing to HTML and
back, the visual editor no longer shows the caret when it is clicked. It
shows selected ranges though, but no blinking caret.

If I never hide the visual editor when switching modes, it all works well.

The caret appears again when I use F7 to turn on caret browsing but that
is not a good solution. The caret disappears again when I disable caret

I read a lot about this on the Web. I tried all sorts of solutions but
could not find one that works. Only Firefox is affected by this problem.
IE, Safari, Opera and Chrome work well as expected.

Here is is a live demo of the editor so you can see the problem.

Anybody can explain why this happens and suggest a workaround to avoid
this problem which is specific of Firefox?


Manuel Lemos

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