From:  "David McRitchie" <>
Date:  17 Aug 2009 09:42:42 Hong Kong Time

Re: Very strange display bug


but the entire row and associated
"Chris Ilias" 
>> Anyway, I got around the problem. The one that was not showing up had an
>> id and name called "advertising". There was absolutely nothing in any of
>> the css files that had "advertising". I did a grep over my entire code
>> base for "advertising" and found nothing other than what was associated
>> with that element. On a hunch, I changed it to "advert" and it worked.
>> (It was the only thing that was different between that one and the
>> preceding element called "adverse_events". All I can think of is there
>> must be some id unique to Firefox 2 that has something like a css with
>> the name of an element being "advertising". It certainly wasn't in my
>> code. If it had been, then the problem would have been there for FF# and
>> IE as well.   // 
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Not the original poster but had a similar problem with

I originally had   
cells disappeared so it is now "adblock2" . I suspect that adblock may be an id in the css code for "adblock" or maybe in "adblock plus" more likely the later, since I converted some profiles to it. Since this was redirected from support.mozilla.firefox, I won't see anything in the thread at