From:  Mark Filipak <>
Date:  16 Jul 2009 08:27:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: positoning problem


Hi Joe,

You are experiencing a very common "problem". I can give you some general advice...
1 - Always use the HTML strict DTD - this will help cross-browser compatibility.
2 - Submit your page to the HTML Validator:
3 - Submit your page to the CSS Validator:

And here is what I do in addition...
4 - Position & dimension only in 'em' units - helps with scaling & printing too.
5 - Use only absolute positioning or relative positioning.
6 - Use  only for tabular data, not for formatting.

It takes a while to get the hang of doing things right, but if you persist you will be pleasantly surprised at the results and how easy layout becomes. You will then find that "FF wasn't laying out the page correctly, IE does display it correctly" will become "FF was laying out the page correctly, but not as I expected because of IE's quirks."

Ciao -- Mark Filipak

joe green wrote:
> I was doing a re-write of a website from html layout to css layout and
> when i was trying to position all the elements on the page.  I
> realized that FF wasn't laying out the page correctly, IE does display
> it correctly.  I currently added a selection statement in the html to
> change the height respectively using a script.  I am not sure why FF
> doesn't add up the pixels count properly and IE does.  I am using
> div's to layout things.  I am wondering if there is a known bug when
> using relative/absolute positioning?  I can supply source code to see
> if it is in my css code which is incorrect.
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