From:  Brian <>
Date:  08 Jul 2009 05:05:53 Hong Kong Time

Re: Must Convert M4V to OGM, Not Having Much Luck with VLC Place, Other Options on Mac?


Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't sure whether I had come to the right place or
not!  Thanks for helping me out Kem.  I was struggling to find
mime.types on OS X, so you really lent me a hand (I should have simply
made a Spotlight search from the beginning).

Let me relate what I had to do to make this work.  Adding this line to
my mime.types (for both OS X and MAMP) did not work:
"video/ogg            ogv"

At this point, I went exploring and found "application/ogg      ogg"
was registered there.  Changing my OGVs to OGGs made everything play
well together, to my delight. :)

Perhaps I needed to restart my machine (though I don't believe
restarting MAMP worked) to get OGV delivered in a way Firefox wanted.

I hope this will help any other devs out there, fighting the tide.


On Jul 7, 4:15 pm, Kem Apak  wrote:
> We are reading :)
> I think you need to update mime.types  file
> it should be under /etc/apache2/ directory on OS X
> Cheers,
> Kem