From:  Kem Apak <>
Date:  08 Jul 2009 04:15:33 Hong Kong Time

Re: Must Convert M4V to OGM, Not Having Much Luck with VLC Place, Other Options on Mac?


We are reading :)

I think you need to update mime.types  file

it should be under /etc/apache2/ directory on OS X



On Jul 7, 2009, at 12:20 PM, Brian wrote:

> Ah, I see.  I am running it via localhost, but, and I quote: "the
> server must serve the file using the correct MIME type in order for
> Firefox to play it correctly."
> No one is reading this, but if anyone happens upon, how do I adjust my
> OS X machine so that it serves the correct MIME type?
> Thanks,
> -Brian
> On Jul 7, 9:10 am, Brian  wrote:
>> I have created OGV files with ffmpeg2theora, but I'm getting negative
>> results in Firefox 3.5.  A big X instead of wonderful moving
>> pictures...
>> On Jul 6, 7:21 pm, Brian  wrote:
>>> To take advantage of