Date:  18 May 2009 06:25:57 Hong Kong Time

Re: Firefox 3 XMLHTTPRequest Status Code 0 Bug


On Apr 15, 8:11 pm, zacware  wrote:
> We have used FireFox 1 and 2 for years as our default browser for our
> web-based business system that we wrote in-house. When trying to
> upgrade to FireFox 3, we started getting all kinds of XMLHTTPRequest
> errors, and it's an issue with the status code returning 0 and the
> xmlhttprequest actually failing to send data.
> We've been too busy to deal with it. But it's been 6 months since we
> first tried version 3 and the bug is still there so I've taken the
> time to finally explore the issue.
> I've put an exagerated example up on the following link
> NOTE: JQuery and Prototype also have the same problem. The code I
> included was simply so the file could run without any external
> libraries being needed
> FireFox 1 and 2 don't have the problem. Neither does Safari. It's only
> FireFox 3 (we no longer use IE at all so that's not an issue whether
> or not it works there)

I have notice today another two problems with the POST method.
1. It seems that the the onreadystatechange function isn't being
called most of the time.
2. I tried to change the request header "Connection" from "keep-alive"
to "close" and it seems to ignore my attemt.

Using jQuery solve the first problem tough.