From:  Jaleo <>
Date:  08 Apr 2009 13:25:44 Hong Kong Time

FF3 bug with filetype


Good evening every one,

As you I love very much FF but I really have a problem with FF3 and 
maybe you could help me:

I've got a web application generating PDF files from customer chosen 
parameters, a big part of my customers work with IE but more and more 
use FF.

When I generate a PDF file from a "standart" window: no problem, header 
are sent with a "Content-disposition: attachment" forcing to download 
the PDF file (I use the FPDF Library with 'D' output option)

BUT when this PDF file has been generated from a document opened thanks 
to the showModalDialog method supported by FF3, the PDF file is only 
downloaded with IE but FF shows me an Open/Save dialog where filetype is 
   unknown nothing to do only Cancel.

It's very boring and I really don't want to force my customers to use 
IE... I would really appreciate if someone could help me.