From:  jeffry killen <>
Date:  01 Apr 2009 01:13:42 Hong Kong Time
Subject: problem in Firefox 1.5x



Does anyone have an idea of what to do about
window. open function* that is used to display
jpg image in a separate window in Firefox

The situation is that some images display when
the window is opened and some do not.

All the images are the same dimensions,
accept for one where it is oriented vertically
(the others are oriented horizontally.)

I realize that I should upgrade. I do web design
and server side development and cannot guarantee
that a visitor to this site will not be using Firefox 1.5x,
or be willing to upgrade just to view my site without

When an image is clicked in the main page, the
separate window opens with the background tile
and no broken image link icon, and no image.

If I bring the main window forward without closing
the separate window, and click on the chosen image
again, it will come up. Then I can bring the window in
front and see it. But other images in the sequence
will also fail to load, so the user has to go extra trouble
to see the image.  It can make it appear that the markup
and code in the site is buggy.

LINK: -> right column, 'New photos from
trip to Oregon '09'

My test platform (for the browser) is Mac OSX 10.3x
I cannot upgrade Firefox because I cannot upgrade
Mac OSX to 10.4 on this machine (Mac Ti Powerbook).

Thank anyone for attention and suggestions, info
Jeff K.