From:  Martin Honnen <>
Date:  26 Mar 2009 20:10:49 Hong Kong Time

Re: XPath evaluation after XSL transformation


Matthieu Corageoud wrote:

> Now, if I keep "xml" output method, but remove 
> `doctype-public="-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" 
> doctype-system=""`, it works 
> everywhere, but display on Safari 4 and Chrome is different from what I 
> expect (too much lines break) whereas it's right on Firefox. If I remove 
> indent="yes", then everything is fine, on every browser !
> Finally, the right XSL header is :
>  xmlns:xsl="" 
> xmlns="">
> It's curious that "doctype-public" and "doctype-system" attributes cause 
> problem on Safari and Chrome.
> Is it right to have a XSL without these attributes ?

You certainly don't need to have an xsl:output element with 
doctype-public and/or doctype-system attribute to have proper XSLT.
I am not sure why it makes a difference with Safari or Chrome but that 
is an issue for a Safari or Chrome forum anyway.


	Martin Honnen