From:  Martin Honnen <>
Date:  25 Mar 2009 21:01:57 Hong Kong Time

Re: XPath evaluation after XSL transformation


Matthieu Corageoud wrote:

> As soon as I add xmlns="" attribute to 
> , it works ! And it works on all browsers.

Yes, if you want to create elements in the XHTML namespace then one way 
to ensure that is putting the namespace declaration on the root of the 
stylesheet. So that was missing from your stylesheet.

> Then, I tried to switch output method from "html" to "xml" (like you) to 
> see if it works. Surprise ! After this modification, it still works on 
> Firefox but no more in Safari neither in Chrome.

That is astonishing, both as XHTML is XML and so output method="xml" is 
appropriate and furthermore as my example 
using output method="xml" works fine here with Safari 3.2. Does that 
example not work with Safari 4 beta that you use?


	Martin Honnen