From:  "clintonG" <>
Date:  09 Sep 2008 04:55:52 Hong Kong Time

What is Firefox looking for to maintain "formatted" XML?


I've just learned Internet Explorer is the only browser that actually 
correctly renders raw XML as the developer intends. Firefox lies and removes 
the XML prolog and then displays a styled tree. This of course will mislead 
a person who does not know they must view source to copy and paste the valid 
XML. Furthermore, the raw XML in the source no longer has white-space 
indentation preserved.

Can Firefox be configured somehow to stop lying and render raw XML 
correctly? XML is supposed to be a "READABLE" file format and discovering 
this has been a big surprise that I observer Opera and Safari also fail to 
do correctly.

So either Internet Explorer renders raw XML correctly maintaining the 
objective of generating a "READABLE" file format or all of the other 
browsers are FUBAR.

What's the facts here and how do I provide people with VALID raw XML they 
can read that has well-formed white-space and indentation as a hierarchical 
tree as XML was intended to be displayed when it was created?