From:  Martijn <>
Date:  28 Aug 2008 08:05:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: dynamic iframe height in FF3?...


Ok, so basically, you have this, right?
And that used to work in Firefox 2, but doesn't work anymore in
Firefox 3, right?
But it seems like this never worked right in IE(7/8). Did it work for you in IE?

This was a behavior that changed wit fixing
I think this was a bug in Firefox 2 that is now fixed in Firefox 3.

But I can understand why you want to have this behavior to occur, not
really sure yet how you would get the desired behavior.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 12:46 AM,   wrote:
> Sorry Martijn
> Try seelecting either Clove Pinks, World of Mints, Origanums etc. from
> the menu, they were all intended to use a common base page called
> catalogueframes.asp to save me re-writing the same code in every page
> that had products on them.  Worked great originally.  I needed the I
> frame to match the depth of the Menu so I used height="100%" and it
> worked.  Now I have set it to 855 pixels which is te current height
> (approx) of the menu.  But my client wants to have sub-menus come up
> when certain selections are made - which means 855 pixels won't fit
> all when I do that alteration... so I will need a couple of different
> base pages to match the different menu heights.  As I said, not really
> a big deal, just more coding to do and site changes will be a bit more
> complex as I may need to modify a number of pages instead of just the
> one I have now.
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