Date:  27 Aug 2008 16:53:20 Hong Kong Time

Re: dynamic iframe height in FF3?...


Hi Martijn uses Iframes which worked in
every browser except Opera when I wrote it, I installed FF3 yesterday
and they didn't work after.

I used the Height="100%" spec but it views as approx 72 pixels in
height not the height of the matching 
section in my table... which previously had worked great.... exept Opera as I said. So I have now hard wired the height to a set number of pixels which means if I have a varying (in my case the menu selection)... which, based on the recent client request will vary in height depending on the selection, I will have a problem. As a result I will now vary my code depending on the page(s) in question... So it will match the height of the menu... which previously, when I sued Height="100%"... worked great.... annoying, yes... but not a HUGE problem as, when I write new code... I then check most popular browsers - so I will (should) always know which isn't compliant (or... if my code is faulty)! I have to say though I have been quite sick of late so I only did the FF3 update yesterday, unsure when it came out ... but I noticed it didn't work straight away and fixed it as best I could! Jim