From:  jeffry killen <>
Date:  09 Aug 2008 13:54:14 Hong Kong Time

content display jumps out of frameset


Has anyone had a similar problem, and has an idea of why?
I have several frame set files with a navigation frame and a
display frame. The navigation frames in various step through
exhibits use javascript to load pages in the display frame.
the code is arrayItem[index#], 'content') where
content was the assigned name of the display frame in the
frameset file. This has been working for years without problems.

But tonight I was looking through the various exhibits and all
the pages that were supposed to appear in the display frame,
content were jumping out of the frameset and displaying on
top as single files, defeating the purpose of the frame set
and the step through code.

I solved the problem by changing the name of the display
frame. But I am mystified as to how and why the problem
would occur in the first place. I have not touched these
files since I got them up and running originally. I found
no abnormalities in the javascript or the supporting php
code. Just changing the frame name and the javascript
references that point to it solved the problem.
There is one parent directory in the site that had the
same name as the old frame display name (some
caching problem, maybe?)

Any code level ideas?

I am running Apache 1.3x on 'nix base system
with php as server side processing code.
This problem is not limited to FireFox on the
client side, but Safari did it to and now works also

Thank you for any info that might shed some light
on this (virus or other garbage maybe I cannot
see, even accessing the server as root over ssh.
I am the only one that has access and uses the
servers. )

Jeff K