From:  Dan Mosedale <>
Date:  24 Jun 2008 05:26:12 Hong Kong Time

Re: Old reviews - triage suggestion


[Adding m.d.web-development, as this speculates about a possible web-dev 
project; followups still aimed at m.d.planning, however]

Gervase Markham wrote:
> Mark Banner wrote:
>> What's wrong with going into bugzilla, selecting "My Requests", blanking
>> requester&  requestee, and selecting Product and Component as
>> appropriate? AFAICT that would do everything you want.
> It does indeed. And it would be URLs like that which we'd send out to
> module owners. (Perhaps a few will read this and start on the lists
> anyway, but many won't, and may appreciate attention being drawn to the
> problem and the work being done for them.)

One issue here is that there's no good mapping from "Despot / code 
module" to "Bugzilla component".  I imagine it'd be possible to 
construct such a thing to some level of accuracy, but likely with a 
bunch of impedance mismatches as well.  It's an interesting thought 
experiment to consider trying to move towards a world where Bugzilla & 
Despot are (as much as is reasonably possible) driven from a single