From:  Adhal <>
Date:  23 Jun 2008 18:36:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: Div tag


Melissa Ge wrote:
> Where exactly is it leaving a space that you don't want?

Thanks but it has been fixed. I assume you are reading my post from I 
actually cancelled it before you posted. Must have been in your cache.

It was due to the way FireFox deals with margins. For some unknown reason it inherits the margin 


tag. It shouldn't, though according to Richter this is what "all" other browser do apart from IE. IE is right in my view, it makes more sense. Child objects should not affect the Parent (position). I posted this question in two newsgroups. The one that has been answered is at mozilla.web-developers.general. I would have thought replies would be posted automatically in both. I guess other newsgroup readers don't behave same way as thunderbird. If you are interested visit mozilla.web-developers.general and search "Div tag" for a better explanation.