From:  sebwin <>
Date:  18 Oct 2008 00:47:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: Can I display XML entities in an RDF tree?


On Oct 14, 10:48 am, Neil  wrote:
> sebwin wrote:
> >I have a multi-language application in which I want to feed an RDF tree with language-agnostic data from a server. The data in question here is the status of a resource, which can only have a limited number of values, i.e. "new" or "canceled".
> Maybe you could aggregate your RDF datasource with a local RDF
> translation file loaded from your locale, so that your remote
> datasource  would have an arc from the resource to one of a number of
> predefined status resources, which would then have an arc in the
> translation datasource to the display value.
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That works beautifully.
What a good idea!
Thanks a lot, Neil!