From:  Klaus Mueller <>
Date:  01 Nov 2018 18:06:03 Hong Kong Time

does firefox failover on DNS Round Robin?



I realised that browsers do failover on alternative entries on DNS Round 
Robin. Also others noticed this, but [have found it very hard to get 
clear confirmation that they are supposed to.][article]

So I set up this setting myself and this 
works with all my browsers.

wget even shows me, it is also doing the failover

--2018-10-30 11:57:00--
Resolving (,
Connecting to 
(||:80... failed: No route to host.
Connecting to 
(||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Of course DNS round robin has no handling of server failures. But it is 
a common notion, that clients also do no failover.

[If a service at one of the addresses in the list fails, the DNS will 
continue to hand out that address and clients will still attempt to 
reach the inoperable 

But for me it seems, at least browsers, wget and curl do.

So my queston is: is this behavior a firefox feature? Is there some 
documentation, standard or RFC?

thank you very much


Klaus Mueller