From:  Josh Matthews <>
Date:  01 Sep 2015 04:50:57 Hong Kong Time

Re: Activating a connection/dispatching a transaction


On 2015-08-31 4:14 PM, Patrick McManus wrote:
>> The context for these questions is that I'm trying to figure out how Gecko
>> decides what to do with the residual bytes left over from an HTTP response
>> to a FETCH request, where the response contains a non-empty body in
>> violation of the spec. It appears that Activate discards any bytes that
>> were pushed back into the connection, but what guides this decision?
> We just consider it framing garbage and do our best to skip over it looking
> for the next stream. I think we sometimes give up and close the stream.
> Indeed, its a protocol mistake on the part of the sender.
> hth

Thanks, that's helpful. Do you know where the logic described above 
resides in the code?