From:  Jason Duell <>
Date:  29 Oct 2013 06:04:44 Hong Kong Time

Re: Caching Range Requests


On 10/28/2013 02:14 PM, Brendan Dahl wrote:
> Is there anyone in the networking group that has time to work on caching range requests?  PDF.js always uses range requests if the server supports it and if a PDF is reloaded(or navigated to/from) it takes awhile since all the requests must be resent.  PDF.js could cache the PDF, but it seems it would be better to allow the networking layer to handle this.
> relavent bug:

This would definitely be something we add only for the new HTTP cache, 
which is in progress.  I think it needs to be a followup for after we 
land the initial rewrite.  But I support the idea of the feature--it 
seems like a good one to have, and knowing that we have a common use 
case bumps the priority, so thanks for bringing it up.

cc-ing Honza and Michal in case they've got any opinions here.