From:  Ehsan Akhgari <>
Date:  16 Aug 2013 21:23:34 Hong Kong Time

Re: Forcing every request from a docShell to use LOAD_ANONYMOUS


Looking at the code, we do not pass on the LOAD_ANONYMOUS flag to
subrequests of a load group: <>.
I'm not sure what the reason behind this is, but you can verify whether
this is where the problem comes from by breaking on that code and
inspecting the load group and the attached request's flags after this call.


On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 1:17 AM, Mark Hammond wrote:

> In bugs 875986 and 902439, we are trying to arrange for a docShell hosted
> in a (remote) browser used for thumbnailing to arrange for all requests
> made via that docShell to use the LOAD_ANONYMOUS flag.  This should solve a
> number of problems, the most pressing of which is that SSL client
> certificates are being prompted for (or just silently sent) while doing the
> thumbnail for certain sites.
> At first I thought it should be as simple as docShell.loadGroup.flags |=
> Cu.nsIRequest.LOAD_ANONYMOUS, but this isn't having the desired effect.  I
> tried various other things and asked on #developers, but I've been unable
> to work out how the make this happen.  The interactions between the
> docShell, loadGroups and requests is fairly involved, so even looking at
> the code and stepping through in the debugger isn't giving me any joy.
> Can someone tell me how I can make this happen?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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