From:  Nick Hurley <>
Date:  26 Apr 2013 04:59:24 Hong Kong Time

Re: GSoC project


Hi Gabor,

So I think this could be a really interesting project, with a lot of
potential. We already use node-spdy (
for our SPDY testing, and given that HTTP/2 is going to be very heavily
based on SPDY, it would be great to get node-spdy extended to support

One of the big features that's missing from node-spdy right now is an easy
way to make it do bad things. So, for example, we can test our SPDY
implementation just fine for the "proper operation" case, but in the case
of us talking to a server that's broken somehow, we have no way of testing
that currently.

I'm certain that supporting HTTP/2 is on our roadmap. I'm not sure how far
off it is, but it's definitely not something we're going to wait a really
long time for.

I think it would be great to see a GSoC application based on this work.


On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 6:52 AM, Gábor Molnár wrote:

> Hello list,
> I am a student who would like to participate in the Google Summer of Code,
> and I have a particular project idea connected to networking and Mozilla:
> The project would be about implementing an early prototype server for the
> > HTTP/2 protocol in JavaScript (node.js) by the end of the summer with
> > emphasis on well documented code and verbose debugging output. I asked
> the
> > people on the HTTP/2 mailing list and they said that the first version of
> > the standard should be ready for prototyping by early summer. Having an
> > early prototype server that is well documented, and logs very verbosely
> > (packet-by-packet if needed) could be useful for developing client
> software
> > for the HTTP/2 protocol.
> >
> The motivation would be that this project could provide the HTTP working
> group some feedback (e.g. discovering ambiguities in the text, etc.), and
> that it could help engineers at Mozilla in prototyping HTTP/2 support.
> I would like to ask you about the latter assumption: do you agree that a
> prototype server like this could help in implementing HTTP/2 for Mozilla
> products? If yes, what features could make it even more suitable for that
> purpose? Is it on the roadmap to prototype HTTP/2 support in the not so
> distant future?
> Thank you for taking the time to share you thoughts!
> Regards,
>   Gábor Molnár
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