From:  Patrick McManus <>
Date:  30 Nov 2012 00:23:48 Hong Kong Time

SSL telemetry very early grain of salt edition


We've had some SSL telemetry in nightly for about a week, much of that over
a holiday.

Despite its thinness it provides some early insight into questions I've
had, I really like to be able to characterize the web - so here is the
summary from that sneak peak:

We use SSL3 instead of TLS in handshakes 1.13% of the time.  That's more
than I hoped, but less than brian feared :)

1.7% of OCSP queries fail to generate an OCSP response.

OCSP responses take a median 310ms to complete.

The "Time to Ready" metric for a new connection using ssl (which would
include the TCP handshake and SSL handhake which may or may not be resumed
or require OCSP), has a median around 400ms. Plaintext HTTP has a
time-to-ready around 110ms.