From:  Ehsan Akhgari <>
Date:  28 Sep 2012 23:02:20 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla and dotless domains


On 2012-09-28 9:20 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> ICANN are running a consultation on the wisdom or otherwise of
> permitting A (and AAAA) records at the top level of the DNS:
> I propose that Mozilla submit comments saying what a terrible idea this
> is. Something along these lines:
> Is anyone interested in drafting something, perhaps taking inspiration
> from comments submitted by others? I would expect it to cover the
> unreliability and security concerns arising from the conflict with the
> use of dotless names as internal names. For bonus points, talk about the
> problems with creating TLS certificates for dotless names.

Out of curiosity, would you please expand a little bit on why this is a 
bad idea?