From:  Benjamin Bouvier <>
Date:  17 Sep 2018 16:42:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: Do we want the old AWFY charts to be available online?


Since there is a silent consensus that such an archive website would not be
needed, I'll go ahead and close bug 1489998 as WONTFIX.


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 2:59 PM Benjamin Bouvier  wrote:

> As you might have noticed, ye olde AreWeFastYet is no more and has been
> replaced by a combination of Perfherder (backend) and js-perf-dashboard
> (frontend) by the Automation team. This email is not about presenting new
> capabilities that this system offers, or to explain how it works, how to
> add a test, etc., nor do I know if/when there is going to be announcements
> about the switch.
> As a team, do we have any interest in having the old AWFY charts available
> online? It would consist of a static website, displaying the older graphs
> with data up to the switch. It won't display the new data that Perfherder
> generates. This would be only for historical purposes.
> I am asking because the amount of data is gigantic (around 18 GB), so this
> would maybe require new hosting assets to manage for the Automation team.
> In fact, if there is no need to keep this data around, then we don't have
> to set up the website at all. (I, for one, do not care about historical
> data)
> Cheers,
> Benjamin