From:  Panos Astithas <>
Date:  21 Dec 2017 05:46:46 Hong Kong Time

Re: nbp is on bug triage for January et seq


Hi Jason,

should the regression triage engineers needinfo Nicolas then for any new
bug in the JS components that show up in our dashboards ( It would be ideal if Nicolas
or another JS team member could attend our weekly meeting to help us out
with JS bugs, but even having an assigned individual for needinfo's would
be a big help.


On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 8:41 AM, Jason Orendorff 

> Hi everyone.
> Nicolas has agreed to take on bug triage for the JS engine components, at
> least for January, and probably for 6 months or so.
> I've been on triage duty since October. We're in OK shape. There are no new
> untriaged bugs in any of the six JS engine components. However, I imagine
> some stuff is still being dropped, as I have not revisited open P1 and P2
> bugs.
> -j
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