From:  Jason Orendorff <>
Date:  02 Oct 2017 23:04:11 Hong Kong Time

Re: C++ coding style rule for keeping class fields together


Thanks, everyone.

Since there seems to be as much consensus about this as there ever is, I
went ahead and made the change.

"For reasonable-sized classes, put all the fields together, at the top,
immediately after any necessary typedefs. For unreasonably large classes,
do whatever seems best (but let's try to avoid making more of these)."

> If that's actually true, then I'd argue that the class should be broken up
> > into smaller types, [...]
> That's probably also a good idea, but something to work towards in the
> longer term perhaps or for new classes?  Keeping things on role-like groups
> probably has a better chance of being followed in the short term ;-)

Yes; but the point of the style guide is to document what we've agreed on,
help spread the word, and give newcomers a single page to read. It's not a
web standard; it's ok for style rules to contradict existing practice.