From:  Benjamin Bouvier <>
Date:  23 Aug 2017 00:46:38 Hong Kong Time

AWFY: Update of Speedometer2


TL;DR: speedometer2 results may vary in the next few hours, and it may not
be caused by changes in our code.

As you probably know, AreWeFastYet measures the performance of Speedometer2
over time for the Firefox 57 release.

Historically, the URL used by AWFY for Speedometer2 pointed to my personal
server. The benchmark itself is a work-in-progress from WebKit people and
has substantially changed over time. As of today, when lands, it will be hosted
externally on,
giving more control to the QF team for updating the benchmark.

In particular, an update of the benchmark will happen as it gets merged and
propagated to benchmark workers, so the result numbers may vary, for better
or for worse, in the next few hours.

Note that AWFY allows to inspect version numbers: when you hover over a
particular dot, you'll see `suite: speedometer-misc 2.0` where 2.0 is the
version number.