From:  Nick Fitzgerald <>
Date:  12 Aug 2017 02:13:02 Hong Kong Time

Re: Should we remove TraceLogger?


On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 2:17 AM, Nicolas B. Pierron <> wrote:

> Also, as much good as I think of perf-html, we should be careful of what
> we expose in perf-html.  Remember that all users of perf-html are not Jit
> experts, and that even exposing small information such as bailouts can
> back-fire badly with a large number of false-positive bug reports.

‚ÄčThis is what causes ecosystem splits where people use different tools, and
you have to be a local wizard to even get any information out of some area
of the code base, let alone understand it. We should be making perf
measurements/counters/whatever more accessible to everyone (performance is
holistic!), and then once it's accessible, we should be making it more
understandable and doing education as well.‚Äč

It should also be easy to have measurement sources off-by-default, to help
assuage concerns like yours about information overload or performance
overhead in the tools, but that information *must* be available when needed
in a single place.

Work is going on in to
move us towards such a world.