From:  basir jafarzadeh <>
Date:  16 Feb 2017 05:07:32 Hong Kong Time

How to Learn JavaScript for Junior Developers


There are plenty of tutorials, books and videos to learn JavaScript but I as JavaScript developer could not find a place to categories them based on learner level and purpose. For example w3schools tutorials for JavaScript are great but they are rough and flat list of topics without defining which topic is appropriate for which level of developers. To address this issue I am going to write 3 guidelines for 3 different level of developers to tell them what topic they should learn in each level.

This is for junior developers who are not familiar with programming or have experience in programming but not with javascript. In next posts I will write for mid-level and senior developers.


As I said before each level of developers need different level of deepening into JavaScript. For example you as junior developer do not need to know about object oriented best practices in JavaScript. You just need to learn these topics:

Topic	Details
 Introduction to JavaScript	
history and features
usages and applications
syntax and keywords
popular compilers
evolution from ES3 and ES5 to ES6
Data Types and Variables	
numbers and Operators
strings and its methods
dates and its methods
undefined and null
creating arrays
getting and setting elements in arrays
arrays methods
creating objects
getting and setting values in objects
combining arrays and objects
Conditionals and Loops	
 if, if...else and chaining if...else
while and for loops
creating functions
calling functions
passing arguments into functions
returning value from functions
delaying code
calling code multiple times
Document Object Model (DOM)	
HTML Hierarchy
DOM elements
DOM events
DOM methods
DOM navigation

So that we know what to learn it is time to find references. I have listed some useful staffs here for junior javascript developer:

JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming: A great book to start javascript for beginners. It is divided topic in right order from easy to hard with runnable samples in chrome.

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: This books and its exercise are enough practical and tangible for everyone to start javascript programming in a fun way.

JavaScript Tutorial by w3schools: It looks like a reference book for you if you forget a method name or its signature.


Learning javascript is a journey from basic button click response in a HTML documents to  large scale web applications. You should know where you are and based on try to learn right skills and techniques. They are what I am trying to share with you in a series of posts that it is the first one for Juniors. Please follow my future posts for mid-level and senior developers.