From:  Nick Fitzgerald <>
Date:  23 Aug 2016 01:35:01 Hong Kong Time

Re: Heads up: Don't use NSPR threading anymore, use js/src/threading/* instead!


As of [0] and [1], jslock.h no longer exists on inbound and all NSPR
threading has been removed from js/!

However, there are still a few NSPR utilities in use in js/ (such as
PR_CallOnce and PR_MemMap) and you can get their declarations by including
jsnspr.h (which is a wrapper around either the actual NSPR headers or

Happy hacking!



On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 11:15 AM, Nick Fitzgerald 

> You may have seen some bug mail for
> show_bug.cgi?id=956899 and its dependent bugs. Well, the migration off of
> NSPR threading is almost complete! Please don't introduce any more uses of
> NSPR threading or jslock.h, and if you're reviewing a patch, don't r+ any
> new uses.
> This work is giving us saner APIs (mostly modeled after the C++14
> concurrency primitives, also some based on Rust's std lib), better DEBUG
> assertions, and makes life a tiny bit easier for our embedders.
> Cheers!
> Nick