From:  Ms2ger <>
Date:  11 May 2016 17:42:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: Rust JSAPI bindings in js/src?


On 11/05/16 08:36, Jim Blandy wrote:
> It looks like the lack of any CI of the SM-only distribution is a
> non-trivial source of pain. That seems independent of where the Rust JSAPI
> bindings live, and indeed, independent of Rust altogether.
> The SpiderMonkey engineers build the library separately from the rest of
> Firefox all the time; the "JS shell" is the preferred development vehicle.
> So we can trust that the stand-alone SM builds work. That means that the
> difficulties are specific to the process of producing an SM-only tarball.

Note that Servo (and SpiderNode) use --disable-shared-js, which I don't
think is the configuration the shell uses, and which seems to be broken
right now.

I think it would be generally useful to reduce the number of
configurations that we support, and make sure all supported
configurations run in automation.