From:  Pedro Fuentes <>
Date:  13 May 2019 22:06:03 Hong Kong Time

Re: Policy 2.7 Proposal: CA Certificate Binding to Policy Documents


Hi Wayne,
inserting my comments below.
El viernes, 10 de mayo de 2019, 23:54:40 (UTC+2), Wayne Thayer  escribió:
> I have drafted the change as proposed, moving the exact "Required Practice"
> language into section 3.3 of the policy:
> On Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 11:36 AM Pedro Fuentes via dev-security-policy <
>> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I totally agree about the (...) be disclosed in the CPS.
> >
> >
> Pedro: I agree with you if there is only one CP. However when there are
> multiple CPs, there needs to be some way to determine which one applies to
> each CA certificate. Does the language I proposed give you enough
> flexibility to meet the requirement without forcing the listing of every
> intermediate in your CPs?
My point about the wording is that you propose to disclose this information in both the CP and the CPS, and I propose that this is made mandatory in the CPS only, as it can happen that the CA is adopting a CP defined by another entity.
So I'd prefer a wording that says: "CPSes must clearly indicate which root and intermediate certificates the practices and processes described in CPs and CPSes documents apply to. "

> My rational is that (...) a leaf certificate with a CP
> >
> Can we determine which CP applies to a given intermediate based on OIDs?

Right now is only mandatory to use the OIDs in SSL certificates, but we embraced this as a general practice for the new CAs we are deploying, so all new certificates include a policy OID, as stipulated in the related CP document, independently if are SSL or Personal certificates.

>    * its own CPS, that (...)  a particular kind, but this
> > information must be disclosed in the CA's CPS.
> >
> >
> I think it is okay if a CP isn't aware of a particular CA certificate, as
> long as there is some clear way to determine which CP applies to that
> intermediate. How does the CPS identify which CP applies to each
> intermediate?

Actually we updated recently our WISeKey CPS to accommodate this change. Previously we were relying on publishing the current version of the list of Issuing CAs in the website, but I added this explicitly in the WISeKey CPS.
If you check our new CPS (you can get it at you'll find the method we use to disclose this:
- In section 1.3.1 we disclose the Roots and Intermediates and in particular in section we clarify about the Issuing CAs and we make a reference to the Annex B (using an Annex because of the different page format so it's easer to read and maintain)
- In Annex B (page 63 at the end of the doc) we add the list of the active intermediate and issuing CAs, mapping it to the allowed CP they issue

I think the only place where we can disclose this is in the WISeKey CPS, as the CP documents published by the OISTE Foundation set the rules to be implemented by the CAs operating in the trust model, but aren't necessarily aware of the particular Issuing CAs allowed to issue the CP.

> Our particular approach (...)