From:  Hossain Al Ikram <>
Date:  08 Sep 2016 22:53:38 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla QA: Contributor Engaging Tour, Bangladesh


Hello Mozillians,

I am very excited to share that Mozilla Bangladesh QA Community is going to organize Mozilla QA: Contributor Engaging Tour, Bangladesh to engage more contributors.

Last year, we tried to organize same initiative in Dhaka and we are highly successful recruiting a great number of contributor who are visible highly inside the community and most of them are contributing as core part in Mozilla Bangladesh.

So, we want to follow up our learning in rest of the cities in Bangladesh. Our goal is to reach all the cities in Bangladesh and organizing QA events in most of the universities. 

For now, This is a call for participation. If anyone wants to host a QA event, We are inviting people who are interested to host a event in their university, to fill this form - 
We shall contact with everyone who have filled the form, after EID with more information.

If you are already an mozillian and want to be a part of our planning, please ping me on Facebook or better send me an email saying how your skill can help the initiative of ours.

More update will be coming soon after EID, when we have some more thing to share.

Hossain Al Ikram
Mozilla QA Bangladesh Team Responsible