From:  Ehsan Akhgari <>
Date:  16 Oct 2018 04:39:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: Tracking protection breaks site that does not track


Hi Rob,

Thanks for reaching out!

As Jakob already mentioned, it's not that tracking protection is casting
too wide of a net here, Reddit is.  Firefox is just trying to protect its
users from this pervasive tracking.

In order to prevent your code from breaking, you should expect this
exception and handle it gracefully in your code.  Another way is to check
to see whether the script(s) you are loading from reddit have been loaded
has some documentation on this matter which may be helpful.


On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 12:25 PM  wrote:

> Hi, I recently released the site which allows users
> to review content of theirs that has been removed from reddit.
> It does not require any sort of login and does its analysis using data
> that is publicly visible on reddit. I don't even have Google Analytics
> enabled at this point.
> When I use Firefox to visit the site with Tracking Protection enabled, it
> is prevented from querying reddit:
> I assume I could write some code instructing users who receive this error
> to disable Tracking Protection, however that seems like a strange message.
> My question is, does "Tracking Protection" cast too wide a net?
> The code for this site is open source. If I can convince Firefox users
> that I'm not tracking them, and they disable this feature, would they be
> likely to re-enable it?
> Perhaps I do not understand this feature. Any guidance would be
> appreciated.
> Regards,
> Rob
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