From:  William Kahn-Greene <>
Date:  19 Sep 2017 21:25:45 Hong Kong Time

links to file bugs from are in the "Bugzilla" tab



Over the last couple of months, we've gotten several reports about
missing "Report this bug in" links for crash reports on Crash Stats
( Ehsan mentioned that we should
communicate this more widely. I checked to see if we did that already
and I don't see anything, so I'm doing it now.

In August, as part of bug #974972
(, we moved all
Bugzilla-related things in the report index page into a separate tab
titled "Bugzilla".

This includes the "Report this bug in" links. Previously these links
were somewhere towards the bottom of the "Details" tab below a bunch
of other stuff lost in a stormy sea of stack frames and lurid crash

Since that change, to file a report for a crash, you need to:

1. Go to a crash report (e.g.
2. Click on the "Bugzilla" tab

At the top of that tab, you'll see all the links to file a bug for
this crash report.

Hope that helps! Sorry for the confusion!