From:  Ryan VanderMeulen <>
Date:  02 May 2017 09:03:50 Hong Kong Time

Re: Is this your component?


On 5/1/17 7:46 PM, Kevin Brosnan wrote:
>> Other Applications    QA Companion                            "The QA
>> Companion makes it easy for community members to get involved, providing an
>> interface to Litmus, QMO, and IRC and serving notifications of upcoming
>> testing events. See
>> for more information."
> Code by Heather Arthur and Clint Talbert neither are at Mozilla these days.
> Source at and some docs at
> RyanVM would be the
> owner by way of succession.

This is literally the first time I've ever heard of this. Going off the 
description, I'm skeptical of its usefulness at this point too. And I 
also highly doubt anybody's going to take the time to port it to be a 
Web Extension before Fx57 ships, so I'd vote for putting this out to