From:  Boris Zbarsky <>
Date:  02 May 2017 08:15:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: Is this your component?


On 5/1/17 7:46 PM, Kevin Brosnan wrote:
>> Other Applications    DOM Inspector                            The DOM
>> Inspector is a tool used to examine, modify, and debug the DOM of HTML,
>> XUL, or XML documents.
> Not sure that this works with recent Firefox.

It does in non-e10s windows.

> DevTools has superseded this.

I wish it had.  I end up falling back on DOM Inspector every so often, 
still, because there are things it can do, easily, that our devtools 
just have no way to do that I can see (check the XML namespace of an 
element is the one that comes to mind right off hand, as well as viewing 
the accessibility tree, viewing the attached stylesheets in a slight 
saner way, etc).

The fact DOM Inspector doesn't work with e10s is really unfortunate.  :(