From:  Kevin Brosnan <>
Date:  02 May 2017 07:46:05 Hong Kong Time

Re: Is this your component?


On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 3:58 PM, Emma Humphries  wrote:

> One of my background tasks this quarter is reducing clutter and confusion
> in by eliminating or merging components.
> Fun Fact: There are over 1,500 components in 😱
> Some components I had some questions about:
> Other Applications    CCK        "The Client Customization Kit, for
> corporate/organization
> rollouts (more info)"

CCK is Mike Kaply (mkaply on irc and @mozilla com) who has forked the code

> Other Applications    ChatZilla                            An IRC client
> implemented with JavaScript and XUL.

I think silver on irc still owns this else check with the SeaMonkey
council. This is still has current releases. Not clear what post Fx57 holds.

> Other Applications    DOM Inspector                            The DOM
> Inspector is a tool used to examine, modify, and debug the DOM of HTML,
> XUL, or XML documents.

Not sure that this works with recent Firefox. DevTools has superseded this.
Might have SeaMonkey implications?

> Other Applications    Fizzypop                            Fizzypop is a
> web-based add-on and XUL application generator. The goal is to make it the
> foundation for Mozilla developer tools.

Created by mfinkle who is no longer at Mozilla. No collaborators.

> Other Applications    PyXPCOM                            The Python to
> XPCOM bridge. See 
> for more details.
> Other Applications    QA Companion                            "The QA
> Companion makes it easy for community members to get involved, providing an
> interface to Litmus, QMO, and IRC and serving notifications of upcoming
> testing events. See
> for more information."

Code by Heather Arthur and Clint Talbert neither are at Mozilla these days.
Source at and some docs at RyanVM would be the
owner by way of succession.

> Other Applications    Reporter                            XUL Extension for
> reporting problematic websites to
> Other Applications    Venkman JS Debugger          Bugs, problems,
> enhancements for the Venkman JavaScript Debugger tool.

I'm not sure that the venkman code even runs any more with all the
interface changes to the JS debugging API. JS team/DevTools? Might have
SeaMonkey implications?

> Other Applications    XUL Explorer                            "Please see
> see"
> Since we're rid of XUL-based applications in Firefox, can the XUL
> referencing components on this list go away?

Created by mfinkle who is no longer at Mozilla. No collaborators.

> Thanks,
> -- Emma
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