From:  Nicholas Alexander <>
Date:  28 Apr 2017 00:07:29 Hong Kong Time

Re: New Sync bug components


Hi folks!

On Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 8:48 AM, Kit Cambridge  wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is a quick announcement that we're simplifying the Firefox Sync
> bug components in Bugzilla. Desktop Sync bugs are currently scattered
> across six overlapping components, making it harder for folks to
> report and triage. Going forward, please use these for bugs and
> feature requests:
> * "Firefox :: Sync" if you're on Desktop.
> * "Android Background Services :: Android Sync" if you're on Android.
> * "Firefox for iOS :: Sync" if you're on iOS.
> has the details.
> Many thanks to Emma Humphries for making this change!

Thanks for showing the bug tracker some love!

I'd like to suggest we decommission the Android Background Services product
entirely and merge those tickets that are still relevant into the Firefox
for Android product.  Then we'd achieve peak symmetry:  "{Firefox, Firefox
for Android, Firefox for iOS} :: Sync".  (Now, if I could just make
"Firefox for Desktop" catch on...)  The Background Services separation is
no longer appropriate:
1) there are only a few surviving components, and most of those are
maintained by the "Firefox for Android" team these days;
2) the team responsible for Sync is down to just one fulltime engineer
(Grisha), with support from a few others (nalexander, rnewman, eoger);
3) since we no longer develop on Github (we develop in mozilla-central) the
split is no longer technically motivated.

Looking at the Android Background Services product [1], most of the
components are obsolete: "Build & Test", "Core", "Crypto" are no longer
distinct; "Firefox Health Report", "Product Announcements", and "Reading
List Sync" have been removed from the product; and "Geolocation" is not
owned by this team any more.

Thumbs up?  Thumbs down?


[1] List of components, from

Android Sync

For all bugs in the Android/Native Fennec version of Firefox Sync.
Build & Test

Jenkins, testing, Git, and build infrastructure for Android Sync.

Functionality shared between background services on Android.

Crypto components of Android services.
Firefox Accounts

Firefox Accounts client implementation for Android.
Firefox Health Report Service

The Android-native component for managing Firefox Health Report

Background location stumbling code for Firefox for Android.
Product Announcements

Android client code for the Product Announcements feature in Firefox for
Reading List Sync

SyncAdapter for Reading List