From:  Emma Humphries <>
Date:  23 Mar 2017 06:22:39 Hong Kong Time

Linking to GitHub issues from


I wanted to draw your attention to a lovely, new feature in BMO which went
out with this week's push: *auto-linking to GitHub issues.*

Now, in a Bugzilla bug's comments, if you reference a GitHub issue in a
Mozilla-related repository, such as `mozilla-bteam/bmo#26`, Bugzilla
converts that to a link to the issue on GitHub.

This will save you some typing in the future, and if you used this format
in earlier comments, they'll be linkified as well.

Thanks to Sebastin Santy for his patch, and Xidorn Quan for the suggestion
and code review.

If you come across a false positive, please file a bug against

The original bug is

-- Emma Humphries, Bugmaster 🐞👩