From:  Matthew Claypotch <>
Date:  20 Mar 2017 12:41:38 Hong Kong Time

[Project Meeting] 20 March 2017


Hey all,

Don't forget to submit your updates and announcements for tomorrow's
Project Meeting:

The next installment in our Fireside Chat series is this week, and it's
Chris Riley and Sam Burton with a conversation about "Next steps for
Mozilla’s Internet Health efforts: Issue Briefs":

Earlier this year, we published our first Internet Health Report, an open
source research project that highlights the current state of, and what lies
ahead for, the Internet. In the report we broke down the concept of
Internet health into five issues. Now, we are publishing in-depth issue
briefs about each of them: online privacy and security, decentralization,
open innovation, web literacy, and digital inclusion. We believe these
issues are the building blocks to a healthy and vibrant Internet. Through
these briefs, we talk a little bit more about what these issues mean to
Mozilla, what problems we are trying to solve to improve Internet health,
and what we are doing as an organization to make a difference.

You can submit questions in advance on the Moderator Page
or ask them live on Air Mozilla using a Mozilla Space mic or in #airmozilla
on IRC.

See you soon!