From:  "L. David Baron" <>
Date:  27 Oct 2016 07:16:05 Hong Kong Time

Summer time ending in Europe this weekend


This coming Sunday, October 30, most of Europe will switch off of
summer time: clocks will move backwards one hour, giving Europeans
an extra hour of sleep.  (This excludes Russia, Belarus, Georgia,
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iceland, which do not change their
clocks for summer time this year.  Israel and Lebanon also switch
this Sunday, as does most of MΓ©xico.)

Since California (along with most of the US and Canada) does not
switch off of summer time until the next weekend (Sunday, November
6), meetings fixed to California time will, **for Europeans**
observing summer time, occur one hour earlier than normal next week
and then return to their normal time the following week.  For
example, a meeting scheduled for 11:00 in California is normally
20:00 in Paris, but next week **only** it is at 19:00.  In other
words, for next week only, California and Europe are an hour closer

This change also means that Europe and East Asia (where summer time
is not observed) will be one hour further apart, and will remain so
until summer time resumes in Europe next spring.


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