From:  Andrew McCreight <>
Date:  22 Sep 2016 04:26:32 Hong Kong Time

Re: MemShrink Pre-Triage (21 Sept 2016)


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:58 PM, Eric Rahm <> wrote:

Only 3 this week, I suggest we just triage via email.

Sounds good.

MemShrink triage: 2016-09-21

Triage URL:


(Add name and topic to discuss here)

Bug List

Vote for:

  • P1 High importance, will follow up periodically
  • P2 Important issue, possibly already being worked on
  • P3 Real issue, someone will get to it if they have time
  • moreinfo We need logs, or clarifying information
  • invalid Misclassified, remove the MemShrink tag

3 bugs to triage

  • 1300724 - Core :: General - Multi-GiB "system-heap-allocated" memory usage


    erahm, njn, what do you think?

It looks like this needs some followup with the reporter. Maybe about:support for graphics card info? That seems like the mostly likely culprit. Maybe it is already in there. I haven't looked closely at the bug.
  • 1301863 - Core :: Networking: WebSockets - Crash caused by memory leak when using WebSocket in Worker

Seems like a variation of another issue. P2 I guess?
  • Votes:

  • 1303013 - Core :: JavaScript Engine - Very large 14,269.36 MB ── vsize

I think this is a memory reporter issue, so P2 is fine.
  • Votes:

    erahm, njn, what do you think?

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