From:  Nicholas Nethercote <>
Date:  10 Mar 2016 11:29:28 Hong Kong Time

MemShrink meeting time change due to daylight savings



The US is starting daylight saving this weekend, and Australia is ending daylight saving on April 3rd. So we should change the meeting time now, and change it to account for how the clocks will be in April so we only have to change it once.

Traditionally for the middle 6 months of the year we have the meeting at 4pm California time. If we continue the current 30-minutes-earlier-than-traditional approach it would be 3.30pm California time. I realize both of those are not great for Eastern time people like Nathan.

The alternative is to choose an earlier time than 3.30 or 4pm but then I won't be able to attend. I don't mind that; I could just pitch in via the pre-triage email.