From:  Andrew McCreight <>
Date:  29 Oct 2015 04:56:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: MemShrink Triage (28th Oct 2015)


On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 1:54 PM, Eric Rahm <> wrote:
MemShrink triage: 2015-10-28

Triage URL

(Add name and topic to discuss here)

Bug List
Vote for:
  - P1: High importance, will follow up periodically
  - P2: Important issue, possibly already being worked on
  - P3: Real issue, someone will get to it if they have time
  - moreinfo: We need logs, or clarifying information
  - invalid: Misclassified, remove the MemShrink tag

3 bugs to triage
  1206634 - Firefox OS :: Stability - [MTBF] After 20 hours executing, test cases failed consequently

I'd lean towards P1, it's a 2.5 blocker although it does feel a bit more like a meta bug.

  khuey, what do you think?
  1207355 - Core :: Layout: Images - Rely on size prediction to trigger decoding for non-CSS images

It's a 2.5 blocker that they think will help w/ bug 1211393 where images are being decoded twice in the gallery app. I'd lean towards P1/P2.

Perhaps Seth can elaborate on how big of a win it is.
  1217218 - Firefox :: Developer Tools: Performance Tools (Profiler/Timeline) - Intermittent  TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | LeakSanitizer | leak at nsPerformanceGroup::Make, nsPerformanceStatsService::nsPerformanceStatsService, nsPerformanceStatsServiceConstructor

P3, actively being worked on.

I think this should be P2. It isn't really a leak, but it is happening 100% of the time which is not great. Though I guess if it was really bothering somebody I could add a suppression for it.

  froydnj, mccr8, what do you think?

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