From:  Jared Wein <>
Date:  15 Jan 2016 06:49:04 Hong Kong Time

Re: Dominator tree memory analysis now in Nightly


Thanks Nick.

From your screenshot, there are a lot of instances of "objects > Array", "objects > Object", etc. Is the a way to display the variable name used for those objects?

Also, what is the plan for making tools like the Memory view appear in a default install? In other words, without having to go to the Settings. I worry that users may not know to click on the Settings and just think that other browsers offer more tools than we do.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2016 at 4:50 PM, Nick Fitzgerald <> wrote:
Hi folks!

Dominator trees give you fine-grained insight into memory retention.

In a graph rooted by some node R, a node A is said to dominate B iff every path to B starting from R passes through A. In the context of a heap graph, another way to say this would be that A is retaining B: if the garbage collector found A to be unreachable and eligible for reclaiming, than B would also be unreachable and eligible for reclaiming.

We also use this to calculate the "true" memory cost of a node in the heap graph. This is the "retained size" and contrasts with the naive "shallow size". For example, imagine a large binary tree where there are no outside references into subtrees, only to the root. The root node itself has a small shallow size: a left branch pointer, a value, and a right branch pointer. However, it is retaining the whole rest of this large tree's structure, and so its retained size is significant.

Here is a screenshot of the dominator tree (combined with allocation stack tracking) in action to debug the memory overhead of loading large source files in a CodeMirror editor:

And here is a reminder of how to enable to memory tool within the devtools:

If you would like to use this tool for the whole runtime rather than scoped to a single tab, use the browser toolbox. Here are instructions for enabling and using the browser toolbox:

Please try it out, give me your feedback, and file bugs in the "Firefox" product and "Developer Tools: Memory" component!

My thanks to the folks who reviewed patches for this feature: Jordan Santell, Steve Fink, Boris Zbarsky, and Jim Blandy.



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