From:  Eric Rahm <>
Date:  13 Nov 2015 03:30:20 Hong Kong Time

MemShrink Triage (12th Nov 2015)


MemShrink triage: 2015-11-12

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5 bugs to triage
  1200514 - Core :: XPCOM - protect against leaks from CycleCollectedJSRuntime::RunInStableState() late in shutdown

It's not particularly clear to me what the issue is. Sounds like a potential shutdown leak that has been worked around. Perhaps P2?

  khuey, what do you think?
  1221503 - Firefox :: General - Firefox is slow (Windows swapping all the time)

moreinfo, looks like a lot of memory being used by style-sets in embedded facebook-esque widgets. Most likely an ad-block-like add-on.
  1222092 - Core :: Widget - leaking nsWindow with e10s + active content (cursor)

  1223445 - Core :: DOM: Animation - KeyframeEffectReadOnly objects end up keeping lots of other objects alive too long

P1, animation related leak causing excessive GC/CC times.

  mccr8, what do you think?
  1223691 - Core :: Web Audio - MediaStreamGraph leak

WebAudio shutdown leak, karlt thinks it's related to bug 1200514, so maybe P2 as well.